All the dolls I post on here belong to me or to people close to me and are part of the same story. That means they will appear in photo stories, random shots and I will generally be doing stuff with them.
The story is long and complicated so a lot of the stuff written down here will not make sense to any of you as well as a lot of facts will be changed as I learn new things about characters so what is there now is what there is.
All the characters are children living in a boarding school type place for disabled children or children with handicaps, special education needs and so on. So from the point of view of society they are something flawed, something broken in the. There is indeed something wrong with all of them in different ways which is the thing that brings them closer together. Tutors, other "Commune" staff (they don't call it a school, only commune or Old Home) and any other characters in connection to them are and will be included on here.
The Commune has 9 groups of children, each number has a Tutor and a Pack leader. The latter is the most influential kid in the group who the others will listen too and behave it the Leader tells them to. The numbers correspond to the numbers of their dorms and do not have any other special meaning beside that.
Stats stand for any special abilities the kids have.
Wanderer is someone who can freely, at will wander between worlds and dimensions, Tear Opener is somene who can open existing tears in space and time to go to different places, realities and timelines. Different circles of a spiral so to speak. A Tear Creator can create tears at will and use them.
A Post pigeon is someone who leaves the commune usually sneaking out in secret to buy contraband like alcohol in "The Outside". The latter is what they call the normal human world.
A Graywing is someone who was reborn with gray wings because they died in a special place. ( Yeah, i know how vague that is)
And a Banderlog is techically a member of two groups. The group he is in by dorm and a group he is in that is scaterred along all other dorms. Banderlogs are technically considered a pack and they are the keeper of all tales and secrets, the gossip, they are the spies, the local newspaper. If you want to know what happened in the Commune in the last day, just ask one of them.

☼Birth name☼ Beloved Amber
☼Commune name☼ Fool
☼Age☼ 27? Looks, younger
☼Group☼ - 9, Tutor
☼Stats☼ - Wanderer, Catalyst
☼Sculpt☼ DollZone Raymond
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Me

I really don't have any pics of him that do him justice. Barely any pics of him at all.

☼Birth name☼ Melissa, surname unknown.
☼Commune name☼ Alice the Fox, Alice, Fox, Alex
☼Age☼ Around 17, exact birth date unknown
☼Group☼ - 9, Pack leader
☼Stats☼ - Wanderer, Tear Opener, Post Pigeon
☼Sculpt☼ Modded Resinsoul Dai
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Me

I wish I had more pictures of her too but every time I have inspiration to take them she's in pieces on my table for some reason or other. Currently too, she's being reblushed

☼Birth name☼ Maxim Dymov, Max
☼Commune name☼ Shaman, Orlandine
☼Age☼ 14
☼Group☼ - 9, Amulet and Potions Master
☼Stats☼ - Wanderer, Tear Creator, Graywing, Heart Of The Forest
☼Sculpt☼ Soom MD Clozel 2011 LE, Illusion Spirit Female body FtM mod.
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Me

He is my little ray of sunshine.

☼Birth name☼ Aharon Iezul Ionesku
☼Commune name ☼ Tsar
☼Age☼ 16
☼Group☼ - 9, Underling
☼Stats☼ - Wanderer, Tear Opener, Banderlog Leader
☼Sculpt☼ DollnDoll King Yuha Mod
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Shared, sorta

☼Birth name☼ Icarus Fauls
☼Commune name ☼ Birdy
☼Age☼ 14
☼Group☼ - 9, Underling
☼Stats☼ - Ordinary
☼Sculpt:☼ Dollmore U-jee
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Wiskers

☼Birth name☼ ???
☼Commune name☼ Wolf, Wolfy
☼Age☼ 14
☼Group☼ - 9, Underling
☼Stats☼ - Ordinary
☼Sculpt☼ Resinsoul Ming on Song RS body.
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Wiskers

☼Birth name☼ ???
☼Commune name☼ Tesla Coil
☼Age☼ 18 but looks older
☼Group☼ - 8, Underling
☼Stats☼ - Wanderer
☼Sculpt☼ Dollshe Saint SA
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Me

☼Birth name☼ Vasilisa Vorobyeva, Vasya
☼Commune name ☼ Verbena
☼Age☼ 11
☼Group☼ - 1, Underling
☼Stats☼ - Ordinary, so far
☼Sculpt☼ PlanetDoll Riz, old body.
☼Owner/Guardian☼ Me

I know I did not cover everything but it is already waaaay long and if you have questions, do ask. I will be happy to explain stuff.